Cape Cod Alcohol and Drug Counseling and Couples Counselor
A Therapist in Mashpee MA. with A Private Practice, Evening Hours Available.

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                                        Massachusetts Counselor of the Year
for 2016

                Sandra has also been awarded National Counselor of the Year at the annual NAADAC Convention

Appointments scheduled within 36 hours.......Spring hours are Mon. - Sat. 10 am to 8 pm

                       Marriage and Couples Counselor .......   Depression Counseling

Counseling For Today's Issues
Counseling Services and Rates
My practice is self pay

Accepting new clients
No insurance is accepted .. Ask me why? 

Appointments within 36 hours
Cape Cod Counseling Rates
                                                What is the cost for counseling at CFTI ?

The initial phone consultation is FREE and further fees for counseling  are determined on a sliding scale based on your current financial situation and allows anyone that is in need, seek the help they require. This option is available based on your current financial situation. The sliding scale will be discussed with the counselor during the client's first session.

The price of therapy and counseling costs on Cape Cod can be enormous these days. With the state of the current economy it can be hard to justify seeking the mental health attention and services many people desperately need. Don’t sacrifice your well being because of insurance reasons or hold off because of pricing, this is your happiness we’re talking.

The client's treatment and length of therapy will depend upon the decisions of both the counselor and the client. I have been in the mental health field over 25 years. I love what I do and I want to help. I am accepting new clients from all over Cape Cod at my office in Mashpee which is in Barnstable County Massachusetts.
                                              I am accepting new clients by appointment only.


Sandra Farrell Director
Counseling For Today's Issues
39 Nobska Road
Mashpee, Cape Cod , MA 02649
508 873 2132

There are many areas of Counseling and Therapy I can help you with.
Substance Abuse
  • Substance Abuse Counseling
         • Drug Addiction
         • Prescription Drug  Information
         • Alcohol Prevention & Staying Sober
         • Alcohol Addiction & Alcoholism
         • Chronic Relapse  
         • Drug Addictions  
         • Marijuana , Crack , Cocaine & Heroin
         • Chemical Dependency
         • Families Affected by Substance Abuse
Relationship Issues
  •  Family Counseling
        • Marriage and Marital Conflicts
        • Abusive relationships
        • Education and Support
        • Divorce

Personal Development
  • Adult Mental Health Counseling
        • Anger Management
        • Motivation
        • Career
        • Self-Esteem & Confidence
        • Assertiveness
Personality/Emotional Problems
        • Bipolar ADD & ADHD
        • Depression and Symptoms
        • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder 
  • Behavioral & Crisis Counseling  
         • Grief & Loss
         • Loneliness
         • Anxiety & Stress